External Transport Managers:

If you hold a Standard National or Standard International Operator’s licence, you are obliged to employ a ‘professionally competent’ person to manage your transport operations.

It is not necessary to employ a full-time Transport Manager, particularly if you are a small to medium sized operator with a relatively small fleet (e.g. 1-20 vehicles).

Outsourcing your CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) holder is an acceptable method of O-licence compliance and provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for your business and one that ZeroPoint UK can provide:

Pricing Guide:

New Operator License Applicants & OCRS Green Score Operators:

1-5 Vehicles:          £55.00 per vehicle / per week

5-10 Vehicles:       £50.00 per vehicle / per week

Note:  We are aware that each operator is unique so please contact us for an up to date and competitive quotation based on your individual needs

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Transport Manager Services:

Transport Managers are obliged to provide the following services as a minimum:

  • Drivers Admin: Checking driving licenses, checking driver CPC qualifications, retaining driver's hrs records and working time records.

  • Drivers Management: Ensuring compliance with EU or Domestic drivers hrs laws and Working Time Directive laws.

  • Drivers Operations: Ensuring drivers are completing suitable vehicle daily defect reports and that those reports are correctly managed and retained.

  • Vehicle Admin: Ensuring vehicle maintenance records are correctly managed and retained, that operator license disks and tacho calibration stickers are correctly displayed; ensure safe loading of vehicles, that there are upto date insurance certificates and that a suitable maintenance planner is complete and displayed.

  • Vehicle Management: Ensuring that vehicles and trailers are kept fit and roadworthy, that defects are recorded and repaired promptly, that unroadworthy vehicles are taken out of service; to make vehicles and trailers available for safety inspections and MOT's at the appropriate times and within the agreed maintenance intervals; to liaise with maintenance contractors, hire companies or manufacturers as appropriate to fulfil these requirements. Ensuring that, when not in use, the vehicles and trailers are parked at the nominated operating centre(s).

  • License Admin: Ensuring that the Traffic Commissioner is made aware of any relevant matters within 28 days - including convictions and prosecutions of the transport manager(s) or drivers.


What's Provided:

ZeroPoint UK supply all CPC qualified External Transport Managers on a self-employed basis.  Your Transport Manager will be qualified to meet all of the requirements as detailed by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner in the relevant  TM-1 declaration. 



It is important to note that all Transport Managers are expected to provide continuous and effective control of the transport activities of the license holder and as such are in a position of legal responsibility alongside the business owner and/or director(s).