Operator Licensing

If your business or trade uses goods vehicles with a gross plated weight greater than 3500kgs (3.5 tonnes) then you will need a goods vehicle operator’s licence to transport goods for 'hire or reward' or to transport your own goods in connection with your trade or business.  Most commercial vehicle operations fall under this umbrella.

There are three different types of operator's license - which one you need depends on your intended operation, the vehicle, the type of work and the type of goods to be transported:



Transport managers look after your commercial vehicle fleet and oversee the day to day operations in order to make sure that your vehicles, drivers, records and procedures are safe and legal.  It carries a great deal of responsibility and as such the transport manager must hold a professional qualification to make sure he or she is effective in this role. 

All standard and international license holders must employ a transport manager in order operate.   Restricted license holders are not required to employ a transport manager as part of their operation (however, it is strongly advised as restricted license holders are subject to the same compliance laws as those governing standard license holders).  More info:

The subject of operator licensing can be complex for newcomers so we have provided  answers to some frequently asked questions in our FAQ  

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