operator licensing

If your business or trade uses goods vehicles with a gross plated weight greater than 3500kgs (3.5 tonnes) then you will need a goods vehicle operator’s licence to transport goods for hire or reward or in connection with your trade or business.  Most goods vehicles operations within businesses fall under this umbrella - but there are exceptions!

There are three different types of operator's license - which one you need depends on your intended operation, the vehicle, the type of work and the type of goods to be transported:


  • Standard International Licence - for national and international haulage operations.

  • Standard National Licence -for national haulage operations.

  • Restricted License - for national or EU transport of your business's own goods.


Our services

Our Restricted Operator's License Application Packages provide your business with a proffesional, fixed cost solution to the process of applying for your operator's license:

Zeropoint UK will confidentially discuss your requirements, in detail, before an application is made, and decide if and what type of license your business or trade requires. 

Our robust precedures are designed to minimise the potential downtime and lost revenue associated with incomplete or incorrect applications.

Our pre-application service includes:

  • Preparation and detailed review of The Officer of the Traffic Commissioner's GV79 application document.
  • Preparation of the TM1 form; Application to add a Transport Manager to a License (where required) - including advice on the contractual requirements, responsibilities and selection of a qualified Internal or External Transport Manager.
  • Preparation of maintenance agreements and operating centre consent letters.
  • Production of the Public Notice and liason with the local newspaper issuing the Public Notice to ensure compliance with current publication guidelines.
  • A full audit and review of your evidence of financial standing.
  • Compilation and review of all supporting documentation.
  • Once the completed application has been receieved by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner we will liase directly with their applications team to ensure a prompt decision is made within the timescales provided by them at the time of application.

Upon the granting of your license our service includes:

  • Registration for the online  .GOV.UK operator's license, self-service portal.
  • Registration for the online OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score) portal.
  • A free consulatation to review the post application services provided by ZeroPoint UK - for example: operator compliance audits or the processing of operator's license variations.


Fees not included:

  • Application and License fees payable to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.
  • The cost of advertising Public Notices.
  • Royal Mail special delivery postage costs.
  • Additional work associated with unauthorised changes to applications or supporting documentation.